Hanging Out at My RV Home

Friday July 3rd 2020

The temperature got into the mid to upper eighties today. It was a mostly cloudy day. The monsoon weather pattern is bringing in high level moisture from the southwest. The cloud cover thickened during the day. Around the supper hour a few drops of rain made it to the ground, but if you blinked you missed it.

I spent the day reading and watching TV. It really was a normal stay at home day. The difference is knowing that a generalized government order directed at travelers from other states was keeping me home. I’m not the type of traveler that puts the local population at risk. The amount of interaction I have with locals is minimal to non existent particularly in these times. I really don’t want to be where I’m not wanted.

The RV park has really filled up tonight. I’m not sure how many will be staying for the weekend. My guess is that most will continue to travel in the morning, but unlike other nights this week, a few will remain until Sunday or Monday. Travel on a holiday weekend is best avoided.

One of the local residents.

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