Lethargy in the Heat

Tuesday June 23rd 2020

The temperature didn’t quite make it to the century mark today. It was well on its way when just at the hottest part of the day a few stray clouds and lots of wind arrived. The temperature peaked around ninety eight or nine degrees.

The heat has produced a heightened level of lethargy in me. Once again today I did a lot of reading and TV watching around one early walk around the camping loops and another as the sun crossed the western horizon. Most of the sites at this campground get occupied by overnight visitors. Other than the camp hosts, I’m the longest resident of the park. Consequently, the sights I see on my morning walk are different from my evening walk. Tonight there are three other RVs with Florida plates in the park. We may have the local Arizona residents out numbered.

Another change since I got here are the wildflowers. When I arrived last week there were lots of little bits of color scattered around the desert. As the week went by many of the blossoms started to die out. On today’s walk I couldn’t find any open blossoms. Even the tiny ones that were visible yesterday weren’t around today. This is the start of the height of the Arizona heat. Monsoon season started last week, but it doesn’t usually start dropping tons of rain until next month.

One of the disadvantage of having the TV on all day is the ever increasing number of political ads. Arizona is considered a battleground state for control of the Senate and for President. The competitors for the senate seat have had dueling ads since I arrived in the state at the end of March. Every week the rhetoric gets worse. Now dueling presidential ads have started. I can’t wait to get out of the state. I don’t think I’ll be in another battleground state until I get back to Florida in the fall. The ads for both sides just piss me off.

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