Committing to an East Bound Travel Plan

Sunday June 21st 2020

The temperature is climbing a few degrees everyday. Today was about six degrees warmer than Saturday. It peaked in the upper half of the nineties. The bad news is the wind was missing in action most of the day. As the sun was setting a bit of a breeze developed to start the overnight cooling. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer and the wind should be a little stronger.

It is now officially summer. In my mind it has been summer since April when the temperature routinely reached the nineties followed by triple digits in May. The desert southwest of the United States is not where I want to be in the summer. The pandemic has slowed my pace of travel down so I’m not in the northern slightly cooler conditions. As the saying goes at least it’s a dry heat. The humid heat of the south from Texas east is even worse. Fall can’t come too soon.

I took a drive into downtown Winslow AZ this afternoon in search of some Route 66 historical attractions or the Eagles “standing on a corner …” song commemorative location. I should have done an internet search first instead of after I got back to my RV home. I didn’t find any Route 66 stuff, and must have driven by the corner associated with the song. I’ll try again another day.

Back at my RV home later in the afternoon, I made a couple of the more critical reservations for my trip east. I’ve booked a campsite on the east side of the Continental Divide in New Mexico for the week after I leave here. It includes the Fourth of July holiday. I also booked a two week stay on the Arkansas River near Little Rock at a campground I stayed at in 2018. I have a general plan that gets back to Florida in September. To remain a little flexible, I’ll make most of my three and four night reservations closer to the date of stay.

Tonight’s sunset.

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