A Travel Planning Day

Friday June 19th 2020

The slightly unseasonable cool spell continued today. The temperature peaked around 90 degrees and the wind was almost calm. Late in the day a few clouds dotted the blue sky making a very pretty sunset.

I spent a little time today exploring more of the Homolovi State Park, but most of my time was spent in front of the computer. I’m back in full scale travel planning mode. I worked out a rough plan that gets me to Mississippi River by the first part of August. It involves stays of three or four days every one to two hundred miles with a couple of longer stays in areas with interesting and safe things to do. I would like to spend more time in some areas, but the attractions are mostly indoor museum type places. Given the current pandemic conditions I’m focusing on outdoor attractions and nature.

Once I reach the Mississippi River in the Memphis area, I could turn south toward Vicksburg Mississippi or continue east across Tennessee. The southerly route doesn’t currently have any definition beyond Vicksburg and it puts me along the Gulf coast during hurricane season. The easterly route probably turns south after a visit to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. To make the decision I really need to determine where I will be for the Labor Day Holiday weekend. The holiday weekend is probably already booked at the popular places.

I’ve set a goal to have my route back to Florida figured out by the end of the weekend. I’d also like to have the key stops booked and the rest of my original reservations in Wyoming and Colorado canceled.

I like it so much I’m including it twice.

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