Active Day for a Change

Tuesday May 12th 2020

Today was a little closer to a normal May day in the Arizona desert. The high temperature was only a little above the normal at 95 degrees. A steady wind also kept things comfortable.

Tonight’s sunset.

Between my two daily walks around the RV park I actually had a little more active day. The first order of business was canceling a couple more reservations. All of my original summer travel reservations through the June 12th are now canceled. I made reservations last week here in Arizona until June 8th, so there is still a possibility of catching up with the original itinerary. I think it is very unlikely. I’m working on alternatives.

My other major activity for the day was a drive southeast to the northern suburbs of Tuscon. Traffic on Interstate 10 was much heavier than last month when I made a similar shorter trip. Off the interstate in the retail areas, it looked like a pre-pandemic day. Retail businesses have had permission to open with safety considerations in place since last Friday. The parking lots weren’t full, but they had plenty of parked cars. My only stops were at an Amazon locker to pick up a package and a gas station on the return trip. This was my first opportunity to take advantage of the lower gas prices. With all of the Arizona gas taxes it was only $1.95 a gallon.

Sky to the north at sunset.

Arizona’s stay at home order ends on Friday. The governor is still calling for people to work from home if possible, but most businesses can start to phase into operation. Even movie theaters and casinos will be allowed to open. Large gatherings are not allowed, but sports teams can practice and play in empty stadiums. This later opening may be a bid to have the baseball spring training facilities used by Major League Baseball during this years modified regular season. Arizona is opening up again.

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