Another Routine Stay at Home Day

Sunday May 10th 2020

After a warm overnight the day turned out to be partly cloudy and humid for the desert. Late in the afternoon Mother Nature really wanted to drop some rain on the area, but it was a poor performance. Most of the rain evaporated before it reached the ground. It was very dark and windy, but not many rain drops landed. The whole event lasted about an hour before the sun made another attempt to brighten the area.

Tonight’s sunset after the rain attempt.

It was a two walk day. My first walk of the day was before 9AM and the second was shortly after 7PM as the sun was setting. In between I did a lot of reading, some TV watching and a little cooking. The bottom line is it was a very routine day.

The snowbirds continue to dribble out of the RV park. Two more RVs departed today. I have given up trying to guess who’s leaving and who’s staying. I’ve been wrong too many times. I was sure one of today’s departures would be here all summer. They went from fully spread out with lawn furniture, plants and whirligigs to a fully packed RV and empty site overnight. The big motorhome towed a twenty foot box trailer packed with a car and lots of extra stuff.

My departure count down is at eleven days and counting.

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