Another Week of “Stay at Home” Complete

Friday May 8th 2020

As the sun set last night the clouds moved in. They kept the overnight temperature a little warmer than the previous few nights. I had to run the AC most of the night. Today, that same cloud cover kept the sun from really heating things up. The temperature stayed a little below the century mark in this area. Phoenix to the north was 103 again.

I am surprised this week went by quickly. Everyday has been very similar dominated by staying inside out of the hot sun during the majority of the day. Today I got in my morning walk with the help of the clouds keeping the beating sun away. For my sunset walk the clouds were starting to breakup, so they may not be around to help keep the temperature under control tomorrow. On the positive side the forecast high temperatures are returning closer to normal next week. There aren’t any 100 plus degree days in next weeks forecast (yet).

Another of my late May early June reservations was canceled today. The Idaho State Parks are delaying their opening. I have a couple of private campground reservations that I need to cancel. The first one I tried wasn’t answering the phone, so I need to keep trying. They may not have anyone staffing the office. Understanding what’s open and what’s staffed in any given area is a challenge.

Tonight’s sunset

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