Nineties and Climbing

Thursday April 23rd 2020

Today was another day without much to document in this blog entry. The key feature of the day was the temperature. It made it into the low nineties this afternoon. While the wind was blowing it was comfortable. Unfortunately, there were a few periods without any real wind blowing. The weather forecast is for steady increases in temperature over the next week.

My first walk of the day was shorter than normal. I was late getting started so the sun was high in the sky and I didn’t have sunscreen applyed. Before I cut the walk short, I noticed that six to ten more RVs had departed. The middle of the park is getting empty. Most of the remaining units are around the perimeter and at the front and back of the park. I’m located on the inside of the perimeter road in the back. My view toward the front of the park is now barely obstructed by other RVs.

It was more comfortable during my evening walk as the sun was setting. The temperature was still in the high 80s, but the sun was no longer a factor. A couple of hours later, it is still in the 80s. I’m going to have to crank the AC to get the bedroom down to sleeping temperature.

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