Nice Day Between Storms

Sunday April 12th 2020

Happy Easter

Today was a beautiful weather day. It was sunny with a light breeze. The temperature peaked in the low seventies which is ten or more degrees below the normal temperature for this day.

Tonight’s sunset.

The weather in northern Arizona hasn’t been as great. Yesterday’s storm dropped a few inches of snow at altitude. Another storm tomorrow into Tuesday will also impact the northern part of the state more than here. If the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t short circuited my travel plans I would have been at the Grand Canyon this weekend. Yesterday’s storm deposited three inches of snow at the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow’s will probably drop a similar amount. Touring around the paths and trails at the canyon would have been a slushy mess. I’d still rather be there than here.

Closed recreation areas in the RV park

Today was a standard two walk around the park day. People were back to walking their dogs on schedule. The usual “hi” or “good morning” were replaced with “Happy Easter” by some as we passed. Everybody is friendly, but appropriately keeping their distance. The park population is pretty constant. No one new is arriving and the departures are infrequent.

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