Pink Moon Rising

Monday April 6th 2020

Today began calm and sunny, but my mid day it had more wind than the last couple of days. A few high clouds joined the mix to keep the temperature in the low eighties.

In addition to my daily routine I resumed a long term task today. Back in December I began to filter through four plus years of pictures. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, so I got back to the task today. The reminder about all the things I’ve seen on the road is encouraging. It raises some hope of getting back to seeing things in the future. I may try to include some of the old pictures in future blog entries while I’m in virus induced travel interruption mode.

On this evenings walk around the RV park I was more interested in watching the rising moon than the setting sun. The April full moon is tomorrow night. It’s called the Pink Moon and is also a super moon. Tomorrow night will probably be clouded over in this location so I spent some time watching the moon rise into the Arizona sky. I even managed to get a picture with the light of the setting sun allowing the detail on the moon surface to show through.

Pink Moon Rising over Arizona

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