The Day After the Storm

Thursday March 19th 2020

Yesterday’s storm continued into the night. Eventually the wind let up, but light rain continued off and on into the morning. The trails and little washes in the area showed the signs of heavy runoff. In the metro Phoenix area many instances of downed trees and flooding were reported. To the north in the Flagstaff area more than half a foot of snow fell. By noon the sun was peaking through scattered clouds.

Some snow is visible on the mountains to the north.

The temperature just barely broke the sixty degree mark today. I bundled up to go out and explore the campground. At first I had to stay on the paved roads, but by late afternoon the trails were dry enough to walk on without doing the long jump over puddles every few feet. There were a lot of bird out late today. The wind was gentle enough that the birds voices could be heard clearly. I managed to get a few pictures of them, but I still haven’t gotten any pictures of the Cactus Wrens going into the nests in the big saguaros.

The rabbits in this park seem to be very skittish. I see them on just about every walk, but they don’t stand still long enough to pose for a picture. Usually, they are running for cover before I’m thirty feet away. Tonight I got one that was a little more photogenic. I was within twenty feet when it stopped and watched me play statue. At least I got a picture.

By the end of the day three was a nice sunset. I keep trying to find new places to take sunset pictures. It is a bit of a game to get a different cactus in the foreground of the pictures.

Tonight’s sunset.

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