Travel Planning and Photo Review

Tuesday January 14th 2020

Next winter I want to stay in Florida State Parks most of the time. That means I have to make reservations as soon as I possibly can to guaranty I have a site. Reservations opened for the two week period starting December 14th this morning at 8AM eastern time. I didn’t get a very good rest last night waiting for the 4:45AM alarm, so I could join the competition for the few available sites. It was worth it. I had a good site by 5:10AM and was back in bed shortly after that.

I paid the price for the poor nights sleep all day. Breakfast started around 9:30 and dragged on until almost noon. I wasn’t just eating and drinking. I was also back to archiving pictures. It takes half an hour or more to copy most year’s pictures to a USB drive. Last year I took the second most pictures of the four years. It took over an hour and a half to backup. The biggest year, 2017, requires a bigger USB drive. I haven’t started that one yet, but anticipate a much longer transfer time.

This afternoon the pictures sucked me in. I started to review and remember each image. While that’s what the pictures are for, it wasn’t my intent during my current task. I’ve got a lot of nice pictures, and a few great pictures. Most of the time the lighting wasn’t quite right and a few it was down right poor. I generally know how to compose a good shot, but often take pictures just to capture an image. When I do compose a nice picture, it is often the wrong day or time of day. Cloudy days don’t help make the scenery pop and I need to take more time to get great pictures.

Taken this afternoon in the Mystic Falls Park at the casino. The blossom isn’t in focus, so I guess I didn’t really learn anything from my photo review.

Late this afternoon I needed to get out of the RV for a while. I took a trip to Sam’s Town Casino for the Young at Heart senior day. The drawing was a bust as usual, but I managed to leave the casino with ten dollars more than I came in with this time.

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