Back to Travel Research and Planning

Friday December 12th 2019

I got back into travel research and planning mode this morning. It consumed the day with only one actual commitment made. I decided to attend the Escapees RV club’s annual Escapade in southwestern Wyoming. It is the third week in June which complicates some of my travel decisions. There are about two months of travel to plan before the event and two months after it before I have to start traveling toward the east coast. During September and most of October I have to get from the Rocky mountain region to the Florida Keys.

My first cut at a travel plan will keep me on the west side of the continental divide before the Escapade and on the west side after. I’ve visited many of the better known scenic areas on the west side, but that doesn’t mean I can’t return for another visit. One area that I would like to visit is Grand Teton National Park. Finding a place to stay in that area is proving to be difficult. There don’t seem to be many RV parks and the ones I can find are very expensive.

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious touring route that addresses all of my criteria. Right now I see a lot of zigzag route with some back tracking added in for good measure. I don’t want a lot of one, two and three night stays. A week or two in each location is my preference. I’m setting a goal to have the majority of 2020 travel planned before the year begins.

I’ve included a couple of additional pictures of Christmas decorations in the park and another beautiful sunset.

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