An Ordinary Day

Friday November 15th 2019

I managed to beat yesterday’s start to the day by more than two hours this morning. It was another nice day in the Las Vegas valley. Yesterday’s clouds were gone and the temperature got back into the mid to upper seventies. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer yet.

These Roses are enjoying the November warmth. It is all forecast to change next week.

Walking around the RV park I’m starting to see signs of Christmas decorating. The office club house building has been adorned with lights and several RVs have added Christmas colored outdoor lights. In the greater community the Cactus Garden Christmas lights have officially been turned on. I’ll visit some evening in the next few weeks. The massive drive through Glittering lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is up and running. The pictures and description are interesting, but the price isn’t. Twenty dollars per car for a weekday evening drive through the lights is expensive for a single rider car. The weekend price and the days nearer Christmas are even more expensive. I’m not even sure what percentage (if any) of the proceeds go to charity. I will stick to other Christmas displays for now.

This “urban dove” pigeon has some pretty brown color with a little green thrown in for good measure.

Two years ago when I spent the winter here I got very frustrated with the traffic. This year it hasn’t gotten me down yet, but it’s trying. It is not unusual to have to wait two light cycles to get through an intersection. The combination of multiple directions of travel and a high number of pedestrians results in a lot of competition for the right of way. Today I experienced the next level of delay when a school bus and a crossing guard were thrown into the mix. It’s a good thing I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere out here.

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