Travel South in Nevada

Thursday October 12th 2019

It was a cold night with the low temperature in the mid twenties. Further complicating things, I didn’t have electricity. Just after I went to bed, I heard my power management system trip out. The system is designed to shut the power down if it senses any unsafe conditions. I got out of bed got dressed for winter and went out to check the error codes. I saw one code that indicated an open ground, but the code didn’t repeat when I cycled the power. Nothing I tried fixed the condition. I shut the breaker off and lived on my batteries overnight. The batteries can’t run the electric heat and will only allow the propane furnace to run a few times before depleting the charge. I bundled up in the bed and waited for morning.

After a night with little sleep, I was up at seven to work on getting some power. By changing out an old 30amp extension cord I was using, I got the system to work. A close examination of the power cord showed the wires coming lose from the plug. Why it happened at 11:30 at night after being fine for two weeks is a mystery, but I had power. The inside of my RV home warmed up quickly.

I pulled out of my site just before 10am. My first stop was at the gas station near the campground. The quarter tank of gas wouldn’t get me very far. The nearby station was one of the highest priced stations in the area, but it had easy access. I only intended to put in enough gas to comfortably reach a station I researched about forty five miles away, but I got distracted. Twenty two gallons of gas and $86 later I stopped filling the tank. Later, at my preferred station, I put in another 42 gallons of gas for $136. Gas was sixty five cents cheaper per gallon at my preferred stop. Putting $222 worth of gas in the tank in one day is a new high.

Traffic heading south from Interstate 80 on US95 into the desert was heavy. The two lane road had a speed limit of 70mph in many areas. I won’t travel that fast in the motorhome. All the oncoming traffic needs to be given as much space as possible. Some of the big trucks closing and passing at over 120mph can really bounce the rig around in the turbulence. Since I wasn’t doing the speed limit I was getting passed a lot. Once today I was able to pass a very slow U-haul truck, but for a very long stretch I was stuck behind a Penske rental truck towing a car. It was going just fast enough that I couldn’t pass it safely, but it really bogged down on the up hill. Dealing with the passenger cars that had to pass both of us was not much fun. Some of the drivers don’t know how close they came to my front drivers side corner as they ducked into line to avoid oncoming traffic.

Site at the Beatty RV Park.

Plan A was to stop in Tonopah NV. I missed the sign for the first RV park I was thinking about stopping at. The second one was very small and not very appealing. I kept driving another 110 miles to Beatty Nevada. At about four fifteen after about six hours of travel I stopped at the Beatty RV Park for the night. It’s level and cheap, so I’m happy. After over 330 miles today, I have about 80 tomorrow.

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