Exploring on a Cloudy Day

Friday September 6th 2019

This area is moving into a fall weather pattern for the next few days. It is forecast to be cloudy, rainy and cool for most of the next week. At the end of next week warm weather is expected to return. Inland areas got heavy thunderstorms yesterday, but all we got here is rain overnight. This morning was cloudy and cool, but dry. It never warmed up beyond the high sixties today.

Blossom of the day

Since it is going to be cloudy and gloomy during most of my stay here, I am going to have to overcome my tendency to hibernate during the dull weather and get out and see the area. As a start, I did a little orientation drive today. I drove north a couple of miles to the Columbia River then down through the town of Warrenton. I now know were the primary shopping district is located for tomorrows provisioning run.

Low clouds across the mouth of the Columbia River

Fort Stevens State park is right across the street from the my KOA based home. I wasn’t able to get a site at the State Park for more than a couple of nights so I chose the fancier RV resort. The state park provides access to the beach and a number of historical coastal defense installations. This state park has a day use fee, so I need a plan to visit the park. My normal approach would be to wonder into the park, spend a few minutes to an hour checking things out than come back again another day. When there is a fee to park, I prefer to make each visit count. Ten dollars for a couple of hours is a better deal than ten bucks for a half an hour four times. It’s not the cost so much as the need to use cash to pay that really bugs me. Having cash while traveling out of your base area takes more planning. I’ll probably visit the park on Monday or Tuesday depending on which day has better weather.

There were many fishing boats in the Columbia River with lots of birds watching closely.

This RV resort has been filling up for the weekend. It’s big enough that I don’t think it will be full on this first weekend after Labor Day, but it will be close. One of the reasons I’m in a back in site was because of availability on the weekend. There are many larger pull through sites that I would have preferred, but only the premium patio sites were available for the weekend when I booked my site. As it is the RV Resort offers more amenities to go along with its high price than I use or need. This park is truly able to live up to the resort moniker. It has both an indoor and outdoor pool, all kinds of yard games from corn hole to ladder ball, as well as evening movies on the weekend and free pancakes in the morning.

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