Oregon Coast North of the Dunes

Monday August 19th 2019

The sun broke through the overnight clouds late in the morning, but the afternoon was a beautiful clear and sunny day. To bad I didn’t know what day it was. I spent most of the day thinking it was Tuesday. Of course the day of the week has little real impact on my lifestyle.

The section of the Oregon coast north from Coos Bay is known as the Oregon Dunes. It is about a forty mile long area of rolling sand dunes along the coast. The coastal highway, US 101, travels along the inland side of the dunes area up to several miles east of the shore. My current location is near the southern end of the dunes. Off road vehicles are very common in this area and are really needed to truly explore the dunes. There are some more developed access areas that I will explore while I’m here, but today I drove north to checkout the coast north of the dunes.

North of Florence Oregon the dunes are pretty much done. The road starts to climb onto high cliffs along the ocean. US 101 gets pretty twisty as it hugs the coast in some areas. I followed the road north twenty miles or so beyond Florence before I turned around. On the trip back I stopped at many of the turnouts and waysides to view the Pacific, take a few pictures and walk on the beach. This area has a different form of beauty than the area south of Coos Bay. There aren’t as many big rock formations. Sandy beaches in front of high cliffs are more common. In the water there are low rock formations parallel to the coast that tend to make the surf break early.

After touring the area to the north of my RV home, I returned south of the RV park to the area I spent the last two weeks. My mission was stocking up on groceries for another week or so. Walmart was busy, but I managed to get everything I remembered needing. So far, I’ve only remembered two things that slipped my mind at the store. Between the touring and the shopping today was a success.

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