Weather Watching

Thursday July 25th 2019

The weather forecast for today predicted temperatures in the high nineties with some locations in the area reaching triple digits. Yesterday in this location was in the low to mid nineties, but I was about six thousand feet higher in elevation at more than seven thousand feet in the Crater Lake National Park region. The Crater Lake National Park area was only around seventy. By the time I got back down to my RV Home at 1200 feet in altitude the peak temperature of the day was starting to wain. Today I had to deal with the heat.

This pasture land beside the campground is an example of how brown everything is in this area.

The overnight temperature was still in the comfortable sixties. I’m parked under heavy tree cover, so the temperature doesn’t rise quickly. The inside temperature was still in the seventies by noon. Outside under the trees it was a few degrees warmer, but out in the bright sun it was uncomfortable. By about four in the afternoon, it was time to close a few windows and turn on the AC. The temperature in this area reportedly peaked at 97 degrees.

Everything is dry including the air and forest fire danger levels are very high. On Tuesday there was a small forest fire between here and Crater Lake that was quickly brought under control. Late Wednesday a bigger forest fire started about fifty miles north of here along Interstate 5. They are calling it the Mile Marker 97 fire. Crews have been fighting it since Wednesday evening. It still isn’t completely contained or under control. Some residents have been put on alert for evacuations.

Every year I hear about fires in the west. Now that I’m our here it is easy to see how they can get out of control. Everything is so dry. There isn’t more than an occasional light and short rain shower to dampen the vegetation. All of the grass that isn’t irrigated in some way is brown and brittle. The ground under the trees seems to be equally dry with the deadwood prime for burning. Then you add in the wind and a major fire isn’t far away.

Another one of the campground neighbors.

I didn’t leave the campground today. A little relaxing and a few chores filled my day. Tomorrow will probably be a grocery restocking day.

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