Travel Day to Gold Hill Oregon

Friday July 19th 2019

The temperature drop overnight to the point that I had to add a blank just before dawn. It would have been fine if I’d closed a few windows before I went to bed, but I like the air circulation. The low starting point kept the temperature comfortable while I packed up this morning. When I was setting up this afternoon 190 miles south it was in the mid 80s. Tomorrow is forecast to be in the nineties. It still sounds more comfortable than the weekend temperatures in the northeast.

I was on the road about 10:30 heading south on Interstate 5. The change in terrain really surprised me. The first part of the journey was in the flat and open fields of the Willamette River Valley. As a I approached the city of Eugene the road began a gentle climb up and down over more rolling land. South of Eugene the hills got more pronounced and the road twisted and turned around and over bigger hills. I wouldn’t call them mountains since the altitude signs at the tops were numbers within a couple hundred feet plus or minus of a thousand feet. The difference was the climbs and descents were fairly steep. The motorhome was geared down a lot and I had to play hopscotch with the big trucks.

Site 46 at the Medford/Gold Hill KOA.

I arrived at my destination in Gold Hill Oregon about two. I’m at the Medford/Gold Hill KOA about half way between Medford and Grants Pass. It is located in the Rogue River valley which winds its way from the Cascades near Crater Lake to the sea through this area. The campground is near enough to the river that it has many mature trees, but the hill sides beyond the campground are covered in grass lands and scattered pine trees. The area is also drying out and turning brown. An outdoor fire bad was announced today.

Fields and hills behind the campground.

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