Drive into the Cascade Mountains

Tuesday January 16th 2019

Today was a nice sunny day with lots of puffy clouds. Early in the day the scattered clouds were all across the sky. As the day went on the clouds clustered over the mountains to the east and the west. The temperature peaked in the low eighties.

I started out on a grocery run today, but got side tracked. I ended up driving up into the Cascade mountains on US 20 east. The road crosses the valley as a wide four lane road, but once it reaches the edge of the mountains it shrinks to a narrow two lane twisty road. There are truck length restrictions that discourage big rigs from using the road. The climb isn’t bad, but the turns are tight with rock walls on one side and drop offs on the other. I wouldn’t want to drive my RV on the route, but I saw several as big as mine or bigger.

Dense moss covered forest on the west side of the Cascade mountains with a river below.

It was a nice drive through dense forest. I stopped at a few of the turnouts, but the trees prevented much of a scenic view. Eventually I lost interest in the drive and turned around and came back down out of the mountains. Near the flat land is Foster Lake created by a dam on the Santiam River. I spent some time sitting in the shade watching the boaters on the lake towing tubers, boarders and skiers.

Foster Lake

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