Where did the warm weather go?

Saturday June 8th 2019

Today was a beautiful weather day … for April. It was about twenty degrees below the seasonal average. Even with full sun the temperature didn’t get out of the fifties today. Adding a little additional discomfort was a five to ten mile per hour breeze off the lake. You needed to stay out of the breeze in the sun to be comfortable.

Blossom of the day.

The cold temperature caused me to change my plans for the day. When I woke up this morning it was in the low forties in my RV home. I turned on the TV and pulled the bed covers up to my chin. It was a very late start to the day. Breakfast was over about noon and all thoughts of do any touring were put off until tomorrow.

View to the west across the reservoir.
A Glossy Ibis searching for lunch.

The weekend residents of the park didn’t have the same option. They need to pack all of their activities into their one full day in the park. The Willard Bay Reservoir is the main attraction for the weekenders. Many of them have kayaks, boats and other water toys. The cold weather didn’t seem to stop them from testing the water, but I don’t think they found it as refreshing as it could be.

The marina with the mountains in the background.

I took a walk from the campground to the beach. There were a few families having picnics and playing on the beach, but I didn’t see anyone in the water. A few people were paddling kayaks near the beach. There were also more than the usual handful of people fishing. Today was free fishing day in Utah and I suspect many people were taking advantage of the opportunity. From the beach I continued walking south in the park through the boat launching area with many empty trailers in the parking lot to the boat piers on the opposite side of the marina area. There were more people fishing in that area. Overall I walked about two miles.

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