Yet Another Windy Day

Monday May 27th 2019

The temperature was in the fifties when the sun started to warm the day this morning. The peak temperature was only in the mid seventies. Shortly after 9AM the wind returned. It ramped up slower today, but it is still blowing after 9PM as I’m writing this blog entry. The direction is also more from the west which is being more disruptive blowing things around and making more noise. Tomorrow is forecast to have much lighter winds. It is a travel day, so I hope they are right.

A few nice wildflower blossoms.

I made a big grocery and provisioning trip this morning. It will be more than a week before I have another opportunity. Tomorrow I’m moving west 300 miles to Flagstaff AZ for the night. Wednesday I’ll complete my journey into middle of south central Utah for five nights near Bryce Canyon. Tomorrow’s drive is all on Interstate 40, but it will include some climbing to cross the Continental Divide. Wednesday’s travel will be on winding US89 north through Arizona and into Utah. I’ve been on most of the route before. It will be a long drive.

This afternoon I visited the Casino in front of the campground. I managed to make twenty dollars stretch for an hour and a half. The casino has many newer slot machines that I haven’t seen before along with some of the old favorites. I’m surprised with the number of casinos in this area of New Mexico. I believe I’ve driven by three others while I’ve been touring the Albuquerque area.

The sunset but the wind continued.

Before in got dark tonight I got most of the outside travel preparation tasks completed. In the morning I’ll need to dump the holding tanks and hook up the car. I want to get an early start in case the optimistic wind forecast is wrong. As far as travel time goes, I pick up an hour when I enter Arizona since they don’t observe Daylight Savings Time. Unfortunately, I loose it again the next day when I move into Utah.

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