My Second Lazy Day in a Row

Saturday May 4th 2019

I don’t know if the weather forecasters got today’s weather right or wrong. It turned out to be a more stable day than yesterday, but it was warmer and still humid. The TV weather forecasters weren’t getting any time on the news to provide a real forecast. All of the TV time was caught up in coverage of the 737 jet that went off the runway at Jacksonville NAS into the St Johns river. No humans died and only a three year old child was hospitalized. The TV stations all mobilized and interrupted programming into the late night and again this morning. The TV crews seemed to be unable to believe that no one was killed. They seemed disappointed they weren’t covering a bigger disaster. This morning, when it was learned that peoples pets in the baggage area probably died, the TV crews finally had something to talk about.

Today’s sky was full of packed together little fluffy clouds.

How should you look at it; the passengers are lucky they only went off the runway into a few feet of water and no one was seriously injured or the passengers were unlucky to be landing in a thunderstorm and going off the end of the runway. Neither is very positive, but watching the TV coverage I had another thought. The TV announcers were thinking; I’m unlucky that my opportunity at covering a major disaster is a fizzle.

Today was my second lazy day in a row. I spent most of the day researching my summer travels. I’ve decided on my route once I cross the Cascades. I’m going to spend two to three weeks going down the Interstate 5 corridor between the Cascades and the Coastal Range. I’ll make day trips into the western slope of the Cascades and the eastern Coastal Range. At Grants Pass I’ll head for the Coast and return north along the Oregon coast to Astoria. Finding places to reserve will be a challenge. The coast is very popular, but by pushing some of my dates into August may give me a better chance. From Astoria I’ll turn back east and cross back over the Cascades then turn south along the eastern slope of the range. All of this is subject to change if I find extreme difficulty with reservations.

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