RV Living: Laundry Day

Thursday April 18th 2019

Humid weather has returned. The temperature peaked in the mid 80s, but the humidity made it feel a lot warmer. There was some cloud cover and occasional periods of wind that made the heat tolerable. A low pressure system with accompanying cold front is due tomorrow. The TV weather forecasters have been talking up the potential for severe weather for a couple of days.

Blossom of the day.

This was an RV living type of day so this blog entry isn’t the most entertaining. My primary task was getting the laundry done. This campground has two laundry facilities. Last time I was here most of the machines in one of the facilities were broken, but this time they were all working. You need to pay attention to the task when using public laundry rooms. If you leave stuff in a machine after it has finished its cycle, people have been known to empty the contents onto a counter or worse. It hasn’t happened to me since I pay keep watch on the overall process. The down side is the laundry takes at least 2 hours of almost dedicated time.

The rest of the time today was consumed with other household and maintenance tasks around my RV home. The TV was on all the time, so I got a good dose of “reporting” on the Mueller report. It’s hard to understand how each sentence of the report can rapidly be interpreted multiple contradictory ways. I remember a time when the news reports labeled things as “editorial” view or “analysis” when they started to express a particular view point. Now days every talking head is expressing a viewpoint. You need a score card of networks and personalities to know how to interpret the news. The internet complicates it further with the need to have a sensational headline to get you to click on the link. They really don’t care if the story reflects the headline or if you read the story. They get credit for the “click”. I guess I’m old fashion, I like to hear facts that I can interpret myself. End of soap box opinion.

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