Relaxing Sunday

Sunday April 7th 2019

Last night there was a severe thunderstorm to the west of here. It produced an impressive light and noise show, but never came this way. Today was another warm day in the high eighties with a nice sea breeze. As long as you were in the breeze it was comfortable.

Blossom of the day from one of the bushes at the RV resort.

I spent most of the day relaxing and watching TV at my RV home. My one excursion was a drive over to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Reserve for a walk along the Indian River. There were many other people out enjoying the River and the NWR. They were doing everything from riding personal water craft to sun bathing along the causeway out to the island.

Pollination time. There is a bee and a butterfly/moth in this picture.

I walked out one of the access roads along the side of the Indian River. There was marshes with plenty of little ponds and natural canals on one side and an impressive view of the Titusville shore line across the river on the other side of the road. There was a lot of small bird activity in the area, but they were continuously moving so my camera never caught them. It was a fun walk, but I needed to get out of the sun after a while.

Today was the day the Space X Falcon Heavy launch was tentatively schedule. On Saturday it was rescheduled for Tuesday evening. The current weather forecast calls for thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon. I hope it happens before I move on Wednesday. It may be a little crowded in the area. The TV indicates that up to one hundred thousand visitors may flock to the area to see the launch of the current worlds biggest rocket. I’ve been scouting out viewing locations, but I expect I’ll have to be very flexible.

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