The Birds are Back

Friday April 5th 2019

Today began with rain. A front moved across the area from the northwest to southeast. It rained from just before sunrise until just before 9AM. It gradually cleared and warmed up into the eighties as the day progressed. The forecasters warned of an additional front around sunset, but it never materialized.

Blossom of the day.

The Seasons in the Sun RV Resort is full during the winter with Snowbirds. If I had tried to get in last week I wouldn’t have succeeded. Many sites became available last Sunday on the 31st of March. When I arrived on Wednesday there were a hand full of sites available in each of the three areas. Every morning additional RVs depart the resort. The number of empty sites today looks like it is more than tripled the number available on Wednesday. Other people are getting ready to depart. They have stuff spread out on the grass as they repack their storage bins or they have a Mobil RV service company in to help them with aspects of getting ready. Some of the residents don’t look like they have the physical ability or skill to get their RVs ready for travel. Others will probably have a transport company move their RV to storage. It is an interesting process to watch.


I did some more touring of the area today. I spent some time at Kelly Park on Merritt Island watching the activity in the Banana River. A number of Sailboarders were attempting to get out on the river, but the wind strength and direction were against them. Of the four people trying, only one seem to find the correct angle of tack to get clear of the shore.

Pelican laying claim to the boat basin.

The other nice thing to see at Kelly Park were the birds. After yesterday’s absence of birds, I found a good number of avian creatures to draw my interest. There was a Pelican floating in the boat basin that seem to be very proud of its presence and I sure enjoyed watching it. The birds also made an appearance back at my RV home this afternoon. This Ibis that visited on Wednesday afternoon was back with a few friends.

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