Pirates vs Rays in Port Charlotte

Friday March 22nd 2019

Today’s weather was a copy of Thursday. It was sunny with a high around seventy and a north wind. When you were sheltered from the wind it was a great day. In the shade and wind it was a little chilly.

My marathon of Spring Training games came to an end today with the Pirates versus the Rays in Port Charlotte. This was my sixth game in eight days. It would have been eight in eight days if two games hadn’t been rained out. Next year I plan to be in the Phoenix area for the entire month of March. I’ll try to do more games spread out over a longer period of time. Watching a baseball game at the stadium is so much better than watching on TV. At the stadium you get to see all the nuances of the game. On TV the broadcast focus is on the position of the pitch in the strike zone while ignoring the players on the field. Watching all the defensive shifts and other action on the field is only possible at the game. Plus, there is also all the bizarre behavior of the people in the stands.

Rays at bat against the Pirates at Charlotte Sports Park in Port Charlotte.

Today’s game between the Pirates and the Rays was slow. Both teams were changing pitchers in the middle of the inning and there were a lot of base runners. The score wasn’t high because they were leaving runners on base most innings. The end result was a Rays victory.

Tomorrow I’m moving on. I’ll be staying for a week at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. It is a little over one hundred miles from here. My plan is to leave here around 11AM. Hopefully, my site will be available when I get to the Fort.

This alligator beside the drainage pond at the Charlotte Sports park was getting as much attention as the game.

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