Spring has Sprung ?

Tuesday March 12th 2019

This was a little more kind of day. A little more humidity, a few more degrees and a little less wind resulted in being a little more uncomfortable outside. I’m not complaining, I’m observing.

The ground cover is starting to be covered by wild flower blossoms.

While I’ve been here things have brighten up a lot. When I got here at the beginning of the month the Cypress trees were mostly gray and the saw grass areas in the swamp were mostly brown. The Cypress trees seem to be getting greener and the ground cover has a multitude of white and purple blossoms. This is supposed to be the last month or so of the dry season. While there hasn’t been much rain in this area, enough is falling in central Florida and north that the slow flow across the glades continues. I’ve only been in this area in the dry season, so I can only imagine what it looks like in the wet season. There is plenty of water around now.

Pretty blue orchid in the swamp.

One of the places I walked today was the Kirby Storter boardwalk. The first part of the walk is across a dry area of grass that looks like a prairie. Closer examination shows that it is underwater a good portion of the year. As the boardwalk moves into the Cypress strand the vegetation gets thicker and water can be found in pools across the ground. The big Cypress trunk bases and knees are all exposed for inspection. Deeper in the strand the boardwalk ends over the slow moving center of the water. A few birds, gators and turtles were visible when I walked this trail last week. Today none of the wildlife was visible, but the plant life along the whole path was much more alive and colorful.

Campground gator was in a new area this afternoon.

Back at the campground this evening there are actually empty sites. The vacancy sign for single night stays is hanging. The system encourages prepaid reservations, so very few people are going to take the chance and check for a site on the fly. The reservation window for Federal campgrounds is six months. There were only a couple of sites available for the entire two weeks when I booked this site five plus months out. Booking and prepaying six months, eleven months or a year out is one of my biggest dislikes about this lifestyle.

View across the campground pond as the sun set.

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