Another Satellite Dish Repair

Wednesday February 20th 2019

Today was a cloudy day with a few brief periods of sunshine and a few quick rain showers. The temperature approached and broke records in the area. It topped out in the mid eighties here.

Today’s sky was a mixture of clouds and blue sky.

It turned out to a perfect day to fix my satellite dish. The roof was dry, there wasn’t much wind and the sun wasn’t beating down on the white surface. The wire to the receiver head that I replaced in November broke again. I need to be more careful about asking the dish to lock into satellites when it is too close to tree branches. In this case it was Spanish Moss that got caught in the cable as the dish rotated that caused the wire to pull loose from the connector. It broke in January, but I haven’t had a chance to fix it when the conditions were good. It only took half an hour to disassemble the receiver arm and thread a new cable to the receiver head. As I was finishing up the first of the day’s brief rain showers was just starting. I managed to get off the roof before it got slippery. The bottom line is I have DirecTV service again.

Satellite Dish antenna locked in the service position waiting for me to start disassembly of the receiver head at the top in this position. Notice all the little leaves on the roof. A little water and the leaves and fiberglass would be very slippery.

For exercise today I road my bicycle to the Lake Wauberg picnic area a couple of time. On the first trip I took the park road and managed to catch a glimpse of a deer as it rain for cover. I had a similar encounter yesterday in a different area of the park. If I get lucky the next time I may see the deer before it sees me. The most entertaining wildlife I actual got to watch on the first trip to the lake were the little geckos or lizards like creatures of some variety. They were all over the boardwalk.

The boardwalk had many of these miniature dragons.
A bird in the grass.

My second trip to the lake was an attempt to get a sunset picture or two. The clouds didn’t cooperate. It was sunny a half an hour before sunset, but as the sun got lower in the sky the clouds moved back in to completely block any chance at a red sunset. An hour later there were stars in the sky. One of these days I’m going to get the sunset picture I’m looking for. I hope it’s worth it.

Blossom of the day.

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