Diesel Engine Noise and Sleep Don’t Mix

Saturday January 12th 2019

I got a slow start to the day. My sleep was interrupted last night by a late arrival. Around 12:30AM, just as I was getting to sleep, I was woken by the sound of a diesel engine. The noise kept increasing as it got closer. It finally stopped right in front of my campsite. By this time I was completely awake. I dragged myself out of bed to the living room window. Peaking around the curtain I saw two headlights about six feet away aimed at the side of my RV home. A diesel motorhome towing a box trailer was trying to back into the site across the road. It seemed to take forever, but probably took less than half an hour before nighttime quiet was restored.

This morning I could more clearly identify the source of the nighttime disruption. It was an older diesel motorhome with a family of five on board. They barely fit on the site. Their box trailer was only a few feet away from the trailer behind them. If those neighbors were awake they might have been concerned about getting hit by a monster in the night. At 11:30AM the family loaded into the motorhome, started the noisy engine and departed the campground. They were only here for eleven hours, but I’ll sure remember them.

This campground has a lot of families and groups of families staying here. I think it may be a popular weekend park for residents of the Tampa Bay area. There is a real party atmosphere to the campground. Kids are making kid noises and adults are yelling at the kids. Dogs are plentiful, noisy and sometimes unrestrained. Last night and tonight there are many people gathered around campfires. One campfire nearby even has a guitar player attempting to entertain his friends. I retreated into my RV home to watch the football playoff games and write this blog entry.

I didn’t get to do much exploring today. Most of my day was focused on finishing setting up for my week long stay and doing chores around the rig. Tomorrow I’ll start to explore the State Park beyond the campground.

Blossom of the day.

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