The Myakka River is Flooding

Sunday December 23rd 2018

Today was a slow day after two or three relatively active days. The weather was bright and sunny, but above all it was calm. There was next to no wind at all. The temperature peaked at an unusually low sixty three. The normal high temperature is in the low seventies.

View of the flooded Myakka River with the sky reflected in the calm surface of the water.
The Myakka River out of its banks.

In between football games I took a couple of bicycle rides to the Myakka River. The water level has continued to rise since the storm ended on Saturday. It is now out of its banks in some areas and continuing to rise. The National Weather Service has a flood warning up until Tuesday. The current level is above six feet and it is expected to peak around seven feet. The difference in water level between my noon bicycle ride and my 4PM ride was readily apparent. This flooding is being compared to flooding in January of 1998 by the NWS.

View of the Myakka river in a picnic area parking lot. The river is usually about five feet below parking lot just beyond the line of trees. The grass area in the background is on the other side of the river channel.
Close up view of a bench in the picnic area. The river is usually five feet below the bench level in front of the palm trees.

The high water level is making it difficult to see alligators and water birds. All of the nice green grass covered banks are either completely underwater or partially flooded. The gators are staying in the water. Occasionally you see an alligator head above the surface of the water. The birds are doing more flying between the high ground and more than normal are perched in trees.

Great Blue Heron taking refuge from the flood waters in a bush.
This confused character was hanging out between the road and the flooded river.

The calm day made a very reflective surface on the river for picture taking. It complicated trying to get pictures of the birds along the banks. I got a few very pretty reflection pictures, but I also took a few pictures that the reflection obscures the intended objective of the shot. Finding the right pictures to include in this blog entry has been a challenge.

A view through the trees at sunset.

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