Rainy Sunday

Sunday December 9th 2018

It was a wet day in this part of Florida. The rain began around six this morning and continued until about 1PM. It was moderate to heavy with an occasional embedded thunderstorm. This area had a severe thunderstorm watch. Areas to the west and east had more severe warnings and weather events. I know as bad as it was here, it is going to be much worse to the north in the Carolinas and beyond.

A Florida nature scene along one of the lakes during a break in the weather.

About the time the rain let up the Patriots vs. Dolphins football game began. I didn’t have a good feeling about the Patriots chances throughout the game. They often have difficulty winning in Miami and today seemed to be one of those days. The Patriots offense in the first half was OK, but the defense wasn’t cutting it. I started to breath easier when the Patriots kicked a field goal to lead by five. Miami took over with seven seconds left in the game. Who would have though they could score a touchdown complete with one forward pass, two laterals and a forty yard run. The Patriots lost in Miami again.

Besides watching TV, I spent most of the day reading various things online. One of the articles I read was about a problem with the Yellow Monorail train at Disney World. Last night some people were trapped in the last car for three stations when the doors weren’t opening and the cast members didn’t notice. The people were scared, but no one was hurt. I road that train yesterday afternoon about four hours before the incident. I think I was in the second to last car, but it is a sobering thought none the less. It was so busy yesterday that I’m not surprised the cast members didn’t notice.

Waiting for sunset this evening. The cloud cover was to dense for a colorful display.

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