A Little Bike Riding

Saturday December 1st 2018

It was a nice warm day with a high temperature around eighty. I shouldn’t complain, but it was a weird weather day. The area to the north and west of here got fairly heavy rain all day. This area couldn’t decide what it wanted to be like. The day was primarily cloudy, but every now and then the sun would find a hole in the clouds. Usually the sun was followed by a very brief shower. Occasionally both happened at once; the sun came out and the rain fell. The forecast is for more of the same tomorrow.

A wildflower in the water.

The plan for the day was to start exploring the park on my bicycle. The first order of business was to get the bike working. It spends most of its time bringing up the rear on my little vehicle parade around the country. The bike rides on a rack at the back of my Honda CRV which I tow behind the motorhome. When I stop for more than a couple of nights, the bicycle and the rack come off the SUV and are locked to the picnic table or some similar immovable object. The bottom line is it doesn’t get ridden much, but it picks up a lot of dirt and rust.

Blossom of the day.

The last time I used the bicycle extensively was in July along the Arkansas River. It got a little use in October along the Cape Cod canal, but the weather wasn’t terribly cooperative. This time around, getting the bike into riding shape took a couple of hours. In addition to the normal task of topping off the air pressure in the tires, I had to get to work with the oil can, a rag and some brute force. By the time I was finished the brakes worked, the pedals turned and I could shift gears when necessary. It met my definition of operational. The tires are pretty heavily checked, but the tubes inside are fine. Sometime in the next few months it should get new tires and a complete tune-up at a bike shop.

The bicycle wasn’t the only thing out of shape. My riding muscles started complaining after only a few hundred yards on the bike. I got about a mile down the road when one of the brief rain showers gave me an excuse to turn around and head back to my campsite. I’ll increase the distance on the next ride.

A little bit of sunset over the lake.

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