Rainy Morning

Tuesday November 20th 2018

When I woke up this morning it was cloudy outside, but the morning TV news was talking about rain in the area. Before I was out of bed the rain arrived in my area. It showered off an on all morning. Without any concrete plans for the day the weather took me out of area exploration mode and put me into stay at home mode.

Route 44 drawbridge over the St. Johns River.

Several campers packed up and departed this morning during the rain. I thought they were here for the holiday week. Understanding the characteristics of the people that stay here is confusing. There is the usual component of snowbirds and people living here full time. Travelers and medium duration occupants like me are in the minority. The group that I can’t figure out are the Florida residents that stay for just a few days. They seem to be a large group. The ones that departed this morning were replaced by similar ones this afternoon. Maybe they are staying here to visit friends or relatives in the area. Either way my assumption that the campground would be near full for the holiday is probably wrong. There are more sites empty tonight than any night since I’ve been here and the kids are out of school all week.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron on lookout duty.
I think this is an immature Little Blue Heron before it turns blue gray.

The sun tried to come out this afternoon a couple of times without success, but it was enough that I took a walk around the campground, marina and the surrounding area. I walked south along the river bank under the route 44 drawbridge. I saw more birds today than the last few days.

A red sunset.

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