Birds, Boats and Trains

Monday October 8th 2018

Today was a very confusing day. The morning television was the regular weekday morning stuff. The news was talking about rush hour traffic and the political events of the day. Then I opened the blinds to see everybody packing up to depart the campground. It took a moment or two to reset and remember it was a holiday of sorts.

My first task of the day was to get gas in the car. When I arrived back here late yesterday afternoon the low fuel light came on just after I passed the turn for the last gas station. In the seven years I’ve had the vehicle the light has only come on once. Letting it get to the bottom of the tank is not my normal operating mode. The miles to empty was at twelve when I filled the tank. I put more gas in the tank than I thought the tank held, so I must have been drawing on fumes.

After I got gas I continued to drive around the area looking at all of the cranberry bogs. None of the bogs I saw have been flooded for harvest yet, but most of them had a lot of little colored flags marking out edges and lanes. The harvest will be here soon. There are cranberry harvest festivals going on all over the area. One will be held here at the campground next Saturday.

My wandering journey through the cranberry bogs ended back at the Cape Cod Canal. I took another three mile hike along the canal service road. Today the birds and boats were joined by a train to keep me entertained on my walk. All of the pictures that follow were taken under the gloomy overcast sky on my canal side walk.



Everybody gets their own rock. “You watch that way, I’ll watch this way.”


Time for a swim.


A stately gull.


These two can share a rock.


Biggest boat I saw today. I wonder how many people crew this boat.


A little more sensible sized.


A two mast sailboat.


The race is on between the train and the boat. The train, made up of an engine and a coach, won the race.


The railroad bridge coming down for the train.


The train crossing the bridge.


The blossom of the day.

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