A One Day Pause in my Journey Eastward

Tuesday July 10th 2018

It was a sunny day with a comfortable humidity level. The altitude here on the Cumberland Plateau is over 1700 feet which helped keep the high temperature in the mid 80s. Overall it was a nice weather day.


Clouds in the sky to the east this morning.

This area of Tennessee is on the eastern side of the central time zone. The next county east is in the eastern time zone. The local TV stations are all out of Knoxville in the eastern time zone which is the source of my morning annoyance. All of the morning TV programs were an hour early. I turned on the TV when I woke up and Good Morning America was ending, so I thought I’d slept late and it was 9AM. When I actually looked at the clock it was only 8AM, but my day had already started in confusion. I never really got in sync with the day.

Other than a run for groceries, I didn’t do much today. The campground emptied out quickly this morning and filled up again this afternoon. All of the arrivals pass in front of my site. Watching them get situated can be amusing. One motor home a little bigger than mine towing a car on a dolly seemed to have a Goldilocks problem. There was something wrong with the first site they were assigned. They drove around the park going the wrong way on one way roads trying other sites. Nothing seem to be just right. They pulled into the pull through site beside me backwards then the right way, but it still wasn’t right. I suspect they wanted to find a site that was level without having to do any leveling with their jacks. After about half an hour of wandering around, they ended up on a gravel site in the back of the campground. It wasn’t my idea of a good location, but I guess they were happy.

This was only a two night stop. I’m moving on to the east tomorrow. I have a reservation for five nights in Sevierville TN. The campsite is well situated for touring Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Sunset tonight.


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