Slow Sunday in Middle Tennessee

Sunday July 8th 2018

The weather started to get humid again today, but the high temperature hasn’t returned yet. It was in the mid eighties today with sun in the afternoon.


Visitor to my site this afternoon.

I drove south from the campground today. Similar to the northern direction, the area has rolling hills with lots of trees separating ranch and farm land. It is a very rural area and I didn’t see anything noteworthy. I understand that several Nashville based celebrities live on ranches in this area, but unlike the Loretta Lynn ranch they don’t advertise. Other than as a curiosity, I don’t have any interest in finding celebrity homes. I could have passed by one or more without even knowing. It is a pretty area. I can understand why it would attract people to live in the area if they don’t need a wide selection of stores and services.

When I got back to the campground this afternoon it was almost empty. All of my immediate neighbors had departed. Late in the day two more trailers departed the campground. They had paid for the privilege of a late checkout. Every night since I arrived on Thursday the campground has started to fill up around two in the afternoon. Today is the exception. The campground is only about half full. This park is convenient to the interstate, but falls just short of being a great stop. For example, the sites aren’t big or easy to get your rig level. It offers good WiFi, but the cable TV channel selection is weak. There is also the constant sound of the nearby Interstate complete with the loud engine brakes on the diesel trucks.

Today is my last day here. I’m moving on to the other side of Nashville tomorrow. My destination is between 180 and 200 miles distant depending on the route I take. The shorter route is right trough the center of Nashville. I think the extra thirty minutes of travel time is worth the reduced tension and aggravation caused by driving through the city. I’ll make the final decision once I’m on the road.


Blossom of the day.

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