Another Bicycle Ride on the Arkansas River Trail

Friday June 22nd 2018

The humidity was gone today. In its place was a stiff breeze of 10-15 mph. The temperature still got into the low nineties.


Murray Dam from about a mile below the dam on the Arkansas River.


Looking up the Little Maumelle River from the merge with the Arkansas River.

I returned to Two Rivers park for some more bicycle riding on the Arkansas River Trail. Today I rode along the river to the east about three miles further than yesterday. I was much better prepared today. The only problem I had was after a long stretch in full sunlight. I was sweating profusely from the under the bicycle helmet. It was enough to cause me to reverse direction and head back to where I started. Unfortunately, the return trip was into the wind.


The deer were in the swamp again today when I passed at the start of my ride. When I stopped to take pictures on the return ride, they were no where to be seen. There were a lot more people around today, so I’m not surprised the deer were hiding. The only other semi-exotic animal I saw was a snake wiggling across the trail. I gave it plenty of room, but it looked rather ordinary.

Back at the campground the park is filling up for the weekend. For the first time since last weekend all of the sites around me are occupied. It is interesting to watch people arrive with their toys. A motorhome arrived at the site across the street followed immediately by a truck pulling a boat trailer with two personal water craft. The driver of pulling the boat trailer wasn’t familiar with backing up a trailer. It was kind of entertaining. A couple of sites away a truck arrived with a trailer. After setting up the truck departed to return a couple of hours later pulling a boat trailer with a fishing boat. Everybody has a different way to get their water toys here.


The geese came to visit this evening.


The geese family brought the children for supper.

This evening the resident geese came to visit all of the new arrivals. They were slowly marching down the road spread out on both sides. An arriving truck didn’t know how to deal with them and stopped in the road to wait for the geese to move on. Five minutes later three cars were waiting for the geese to get out of the road. The driver of the third car in line got out and annoyed the geese into moving out of the road. From what I’ve observed if you keep driving slowly at the geese they will let you pass. I’m not sure I’d try it without having seen that it works.


Flower blossom of the Day.


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