Cloudy Day and Nearby Politicians

Thursday May 10th 2018

It was cool and cloudy most of the day. The sun came out for a couple of hours late in the day to bring the temperature up to around 70 degrees. Tomorrow and Saturday are forecast to be cool with occasional showers. Long sleeves and sweat shirts are the clothing choices for the next few days.


During the first half of the day it looked like it would rain at any moment. This area of dark clouds was behind my RV home to the north.

I hung around the RV most of the day working on odds and ends with some recreational reading thrown in. I also had to fight a battle with one of natures creatures today. A pair of robins have decided that the area behind the front wheel of my RV would be a good place to build a nest. I spotted one of the birds flying in with a beak full of straw. After I removed their construction twice, they seem to get the idea that it wasn’t a good place to build a nest. I’ll keep watching to make sure they don’t return and I’ll crawl under the front end and check before moving on next week. I don’t want their nesting materials to start a fire when I get the motor running.

The TV news people have been really excited about a visit to Elkhart by the President and Vice President. Mr. Trump won Indiana in 2016 by a sizable margin. He was here to help motivate that electorate to return republicans to the House and defeat the Democrat Senate incumbent in the fall. Tuesday was the primary election for those races in the fall. Mr. Pence, the former Governor of Indiana, was also here to visit family and deliver a commencement address in Michigan on Saturday.

For security and safety the President and Vice President traveled separately. Mr. Pence landed in South Bend first followed by the President close to an hour later. The TV stations had people at the airport to cover the landings of the planes live. The reporters I heard were gushing over the thrill of having the holders of such high office landing in their community. After watching Air Force 2 land with the VP, one reporter said it was one of the most thrilling experiences of her life. She then proceeded to describe the color scheme of the plane, as if no one had ever seen it before. I don’t know what she said after the President landed. The coverage was just so over the top.

The location for the speech and rally was not far from the campground I’m staying at. Streets in the area were closed and traffic was re-routed to accommodate the presidential motorcade during rush hour. I don’t know if anyone in the campground tried to attend the rally, but it was televised on all of the local TV stations. I had to switch to the satellite stations to avoid listening to the campaign speeches. They even preempted the prime time network shows. Starting the campaign rhetoric for congress before August is just too early.


Blossom on a tree behind my RV home.  I thought I was trying to take a picture of a bee, but it darted away before the shot.

Hopefully, the politicians will be gone tomorrow and I can travel the area without worrying about traffic, protests and road closures.


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