Weird Weather Day

Saturday April 21st 2018

Today was a weird weather day. Last night it rained hard for about an hour. By morning it seemed to be just a cloudy day. As I finished breakfast the sun broke through for about five minutes then the sky got dark and the flood gates opened. It rained for five or ten minutes then went back to a cloudy day. An hour later the pattern repeated. The sun came out for a few minutes than hard rain. The pattern repeated most of the day. Any time the sun came out you knew it was about to rain. All of this is forecast as a precursor to heavy rain tomorrow afternoon into Monday.


Interesting red blossom on a bush beside my RV.

Today seemed to be my day to pay the penalty for abusing my feet on Thursday’s long walk on the beach. I walked barefoot too long and ended up with blisters on the bottoms and sunburn on the top of my feet. As I packed and unpacked yesterday my feet were complaining a little but I ignored it and kept going. This morning my feet weren’t complaining as much, but from my back down was stiff. Once I got moving and stayed moving I was fine until I sat down for any length of time. Pushing through one annoying pain on Friday led to another on Saturday. After a couple of hot showers and a day of limited activity, I’m doing much better this evening.

The weird weather and my pain in the back caused me to stay at home today. I watched lots of TV and worked on researching summer travel ideas. Since I’m dragging my feet leaving the warmth of Florida, I probably will not stop for any length of time in Tennessee or Kentucky on my way north. I’ll probably circle back into Tennessee in June or July. Between Memphis, Nashville and the Pigeon Forge tourist trap area there’s plenty to see.

It is hard to believe that it is already the end of the third week of April. The campgrounds in the north are starting to open and answer their phones. I need to start making reservations for the second half of the summer and fall in the Northeast.

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