A Long Walk on the Beach

Thursday April 19th 2018

The weather roller coaster continued. Today was another beautiful day with temperatures about five degrees above the seasonal norm. It peaked in the upper eighties without a cloud in the sky near land. Looking out to sea it looked a little hazy on the horizon.


View of Port Canaveral from the fishing pier near the entrance. A Carnival Cruise ship and several freighters were in port.


Cargo ship arriving into the port.

I was committed to walking down the beach to the Cocoa Beach Pier during my stay here at Jetty park. Today was the day. About 1:30, in the heat of the day, the tide was right for good walking. The water was on its way out providing plenty of packed sand to walk on. I put on sun screen, sun glasses and my hat headed for the beach.


Just to prove I got my feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean.

My next decision wasn’t one of my best. I decided to walk in the edge of the surf, so I took off my shoe and socks before starting down the beach. The water was warm and the wave action was fairly gentle. I was having a good time walking down the beach. Somewhere along the way my feet started to complain. I’m not used to doing a lot of barefoot walking. The Cocoa Beach Pier turns out to be about three miles down the beach. I was on my way back when I decided to put my shoes back on and walk a little higher up the beach. The tide was even further out so the walking was still easy.


Cocoa Beach Pier

This evening I have determined that I have blisters on the soles of my feet and sunburn on the tops. It’s not a serious problem, just annoying. Walking will be a little slow and uncomfortable for a few days. I was assuming that walking in the water would compensate for not having sun screen on the tops of my feet. I guess they were out of the water more than I thought.



The gulls on the beach don’t seem to be concerned about the people. It is easy to pass within a few feet of them,


This Great Blue Heron knows how to check the fishermen’s buckets for dinner. This bucket was empty.


This dog was having as much fun in the breaking surf as its people.

I enjoyed the walk, but the pier was anticlimactic. It isn’t that long and you have to pay to go out on it. The fishing pier at Port Canaveral is more impressive. There were a lot of people enjoying the beach today. Walking down the beach you can tell where the public access points are because the crowds increase. Many people were in the water, others were playing games on the beach and many more were just taking the sun. The other thing that there were more of than I’ve seen elsewhere are tents. People have setup medium size tents as shields from the sun and possible the wind that wasn’t present today. At least that’s what I assume the whole families gathered in and around the tents were using them for. The college age people going in and out of another tent may have had a different use for the tent.

I’m moving on tomorrow. I couldn’t get anymore time at this popular park. Originally, I was going to travel up to the Jacksonville area and start my way north. With the miserable weather still hammering most of the north, I’ve decided to slow down a little. I’m only going about thirty miles north tomorrow. I’ll wait out the next storm front down here where the impact is rain and wind not cold and ice.

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