A Break Between Tourist Days

Thursday April 12th 2018

Today’s weather was beautiful. The humidity was low and the temperature was in the mid seventies. It would have been a good day for being a tourist, but that wasn’t in my plans. The last few days I’ve been getting up earlier than my normal to compete for reservations in various Florida State Parks next March. That in itself is not a problem, but staying up watching TV until 2AM or later complicates things. When I got home from Epcot last night I was exhausted. I dozed off watching TV shortly after finishing yesterday’s blog entry. When I woke up to go to bed, I knew that today had to be a day of rest.


It turns out there are two alligators in the retention pond. Here they are in the shallow waters near the bank of the feeder creek.

I got up this morning after 10AM. It probably would have been later if my neighbor didn’t wake me packing and leaving the campground. The site next door is a popular site. My first neighbor left on Sunday to be replaced by the one that left today. Shortly afternoon another RV arrived to fill the site. The rest of the campground hasn’t been as busy. On Sunday and Monday the campground really emptied out. Last week it was near full. This week it has been around half full. It looks like the weekend will draw more people to the resort.

The atmosphere at the resort this week is more aligned with my previous experience. Last week the park was full of vacationers. They were much more inclined to be hyper active. People young and old were always on the move. Some used cars, some golf carts others bicycles and skateboards. You’d think a vacation should be relaxing, but people need to pack as much into a few days as they possibly can. This week there are still golf carts and bicycles around but they are moving at a more sedate pace and usually have adults at the wheel. The other big difference is the noise level. It is actually quiet most of the time until the sightseeing helicopter goes over head.

On my walks today it was obvious that the wildlife has adapted to the higher water level in the retention pond. Tuesday’s rain raised the water level a couple of feet. The wading birds have found other locations to feed and the alligators are now taking the sun in the feeder creek that was almost dry last week. The bank area used by the gators for sunning last week is now underwater. One consequence is that there weren’t any birds to take pictures of.


This gator is about five or six feet long.

I plan to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight to reset my sleep pattern back to normal. Tomorrow afternoon I will probably go back to Disney. I’ll check the ride wait times online to see what park it will be. It probably won’t be another visit to Epcot. If I go back to Epcot this visit it will be on Sunday afternoon. The performer at the Flower and Garden Festival Rock and Roll concert series is Rick Springfield. I not only know who he is, but I also think I know a couple of his hits. I had much less knowledge about the performers this past weekend.

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