Rainy Day in Kissimmee

Tuesday April 10th 2018

It rained off an on all night. This morning it was surprisingly bright. The forecast was for heavy rain all day. I didn’t have long to wait. It got steadily darker until the sky opened up around 11AM. There was a severe thunderstorm warning and plenty of rain and wind to prove the need. It rained very hard with thunder and lightening for over an hour. The rest of the day was occasional heavy showers with light rain or drizzle in between. More rain is forecast tonight. It is supposed to dry up tomorrow morning.

I didn’t venture more than a few hundred feet away from my RV home today. On both occasions that I thought it had let up enough to take a walk around the RV resort, mother nature turned the faucet back on as soon as I stepped out he door. Driving without a set destination was also a bad idea. The TV news was reporting many flooded roads. I stayed in and accomplished a bunch of odds & ends along with watching TV and grazing on the contents of the refrigerator and cabinets. It’s a good thing I have a lot of rainy days to keep me in the RV. Eating seems to be one of my ways to kill time on a raining day. The last really raining string of days was in San Antonio TX in early February.

Since I didn’t get out for a walk today. I didn’t take any new pictures. The three pictures I’m including tonight were taken during a walk around the RV resort on Monday morning. I managed to capture the Great Blue Heron snatching his lunch from the water. It was a very surprising event and even more amazing that I caught it in a picture.


The heron is watching the water as it slowly walks along being careful not to make any splash with each step.


As I was walking by it suddenly lunges forward.


Seconds later its head is back out of the water with a fish in its mouth.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going back to Epcot. I hope to come prepared to last through the evening Illuminations show. That means hydrated, well fed and warm enough for the weather.

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