Watching the Boats Pass through the Ortona Lock

Thursday March 1st 2018

The February trend of above normal temperatures continued into March. It was a beautiful sunny day with a few high level clouds. The mercury topped out in the upper 80s. The cold front is due to pass through tomorrow. Saturday’s temperatures are forecast to be cooler. By Monday the temperature may even be below normal.


Westbound boat


These two seemed to be traveling together. They had a long wait.


Eastbound with three outboard motors. As soon as it cleared the lock it put all three to work.


Eastbound boat.


Third of Five boats coming out the east end of the lock.

I spent the day at home. There was a nice breeze outside. I kept moving my chair around to stay in the shade and soak up the breeze. For entertainment there was a steady stream of boats going through the lock in the canal. All of the traffic is recreational as opposed to commercial. Most of the boats are transiting from the Gulf to the Atlantic or viceversa. There are usually two or more boats in each transit of the lock. Additional entertainment was provided by the birds and mammals that live in the park.


Little Blue Heron.


Otter out of its hole in the rocks.

I took plenty of pictures of boats, birds and other creatures today. The majority of this blog entry is made up of those pictures.


Picture of the rocket exhaust from the launch of the GEOS-S weather satellite from Cape Canaveral. When I examined the picture on the computer I noticed another subject in the picture.


A blow up of the previous picture shows a bird that I think is a Bald Eagle in the tree.



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