Pirates vs Braves Spring Training Game

Tuesday February 27th 2018

A cold front passed through the area last night. It was eight to ten degres cooler today with the wind out of the north rather than the south. Even so, it was still a beautiful day with higher than normal temperatures.


Grounds crew getting the field ready for play.

I went to a spring training baseball game at Champions Field in the ESPN Wide World of Sports facility at Disney World. The Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the home team Atlanta Braves. This is the penultimate year for the Braves spring training at Disney. They will be moving to North Point FL in 2020 to be located closer to more of the Florida based teams. The Tigers in Lakeland are the closest team at thirty five miles followed by the Yankees at seventy five. Most of the teams are much further away.


First pitch thrown with the help of Donald Duck.


Closeup of Donald Duck during the first pitch. Only at Disney!

It was a good afternoon at the ballpark, but it wasn’t that good a game. I’m not sure I knew any of the players. Most of the jersey numbers were in the eighties and nineties. That’s a sure sign they aren’t on the Major League roster. Both teams used a different pitcher every inning after the second. Some of them had a hard time getting the ball over the plate. Whenever the Pirates scored in the top of the inning the Braves matched them in the their half. The game ended in a nine inning tie.


Saw several of these “Mini” vans. They are a ride share operated for Disney by Lyft.

After the game I drove to the Disney Springs entertainment and shopping district to checkout the changes. There are still construction walls all over the place. They are just in different places than during my last visit in December of 2016. The West Side section is getting most of the attention now. The old Disney Quest building has been taken down to make way for a new NBA Experience in 2020. At the other end of the Springs the World of Disney Store in the Market Place area is getting “re-imagined”.


The Balloon ride was grounded today because of the wind.


The passengers in this amphibi-car had it riding low in the water.


Nice old boats are part of the ambiance at the Boathouse restaurant.


Newly updated riverboat now called the Paddlefish restaurant.

I only did a quick walk through the Springs and a boat ride back to the other end. I will probably be back in this area in April. Back at the state park this evening I’m getting ready to move tomorrow. I’ll be traveling another one hundred and fifty miles south into the middle of the state. My destination is an Army Corp of Engineers campground on the waterway from Lake Okeechobee to Fort Meyers. It is in the middle of nowhere, so I may or may not have cell phone and internet access. If I don’t, the blog will be delayed tomorrow.

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