Preparing to Leave Las Cruces

Wednesday January 31st 2018

Today was my last day in Las Cruces NM. I spent it at home doing odd chores and getting ready to travel in the morning. The lack of exciting action means the topics for tonight’s blog entry are limited.

Let’s start with the weather. It has warmed up a little more every day I’ve been here. Today’s high temperature was in the low 70s which is above the norm by a few degrees. There was very little wind so a haze settled in the valley over the city most of the day. Even with the haze the view from this campground is incredible.


The view of Las Cruces was covered by haze this morning.

One of the chores I accomplished today was the laundry. This facility had older equipment in good condition, but I was able to get the laundry done quicker than usual. The machines were commercial grade. The washing machines had a higher capacity and the dryers had hotter settings in addition to high capacity. The laundry even seemed clean when I was done. Sometimes I’m not sure I actually washed anything when I put the stuff away.

This RV park is full tonight. It has been close the last couple of nights, but just about empty during the day. Around two in the afternoon it starts filling up. Tonight I saw a number of RVs turned away. They were mostly big rigs that needed extra space.

Tomorrow I continue my trip east. I don’t have reservations for the night. I’ll probably stop at Van Horn TX about two hundred miles away assuming I by-pass El Paso to the north. I understand the city can be a nightmare going through on I-10. It didn’t give me any problems westbound last year, but why chance it. The next option after Van Horn is seventy to one hundred miles further down the road. I have a reservation for Friday night in Kerrville, TX. To get there I have to travel close to six hundred miles over two days. That’s a little more per day than I’ve been doing lately, but easily accomplished.

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