Slow Day at Home

Thursday January 25th 2018

After a couple of days of being a tourist I stayed at home today. It was a beautiful day in the desert. The temperature was in the low seventies with a light wind most of the day. It wasn’t even as cold overnight when compared to the last few days.

I spent time today working on my itinerary. My calendar is now full of blue and red appointments through the beginning of June. Blue appointments are confirmed reservations and red appointments are tentative plans. The calendar is mostly blue confirmed reservations through the first week in April. I locked in the first week in February for San Antonio Texas and the Presidents Holiday weekend in the Pensacola Florida area. There are five open single night stops left in February to lock in. I’ll make those reservations closer to the actual night in case I need to move slower or faster.

The unconfirmed plans start in April. The plan is to stay in Florida until the third week of the month. Then I’ll move through Georgia to the Chattanooga TN area for a few nights. From there I’ll move on to Nashville for a few more nights. Each of these stops have some tourist type things to do. After Nashville I’ll move across Kentucky to northern Indiana for a couple of weeks. It is still early to make reservations at many of the places in the north. The next confirmed reservation starts Memorial Day weekend in the middle of Missouri for the Escapees Escapade.

I don’t know where I’m going from the middle of Missouri. If I go north I can visit the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan starting with the upper peninsular. Turning south opens up Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. All of my options end in the northeast. I want to return to New England for September and October. The winter of 2018-19 will be in Florida. I’ve already got two weeks reserved in a State Park during December. I need to make other reservations as the eleven month reservation window in the state parks opens up. The amount of planning and reservations associated with my approach to this lifestyle continues to frustrate and amaze me.


One braut too many cooking in the smoke.

One good thing about staying home was having the time to grill a good meal. I made good use of my new grill to prepare some potatoes, onions and brauts. I slice the potatoes and onions and cook them sealed in foil with fake butter. The combination went well with the brauts. My only problem was I cooked one braut too many. They come in packages of five so I either have to cook 3 and freeze 2 or the opposite.


Tonight’s sunset was very colorful.

This afternoon I watched the campground fill up. Most days it empties out by the 11am checkout time and starts to fill up around two. Most people only stay from one to three nights. Tonight there seems to be more people here than any of the other nights I’ve been here. I check out on Sunday.


Lone saguaro cactus in the sunset.

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