More Travel Prep Tasks

Thursday January 11th 2018

Another day and another task in preparation for departure is complete. A little after ten this morning Jeff from American Mobile Lube arrived at my site ready to preform the routine oil change on the rig. I used the same company last April while I was here. It isn’t cheap, but it’s a whole lot easier than finding a place that will do the service on a gas motorhome that I can easily get to. Many places that service diesel motorhomes won’t touch a gas model and car service areas aren’t setup for something as big as a motorhome. The only real alternative is to do it yourself. I have the tools and supplies, but as long as a mobile service is available I’ll use them.

During the rest of the day I focused on other tasks I need or want to complete before I hit the road next week. Inside the RV I started putting some of the cooking utensils and appliances I’ve had out during the last couple of months away. For example, the slow cooker has been stored in front of the drivers seat between uses. It’s storage spot for travel is under the kitchen sink behind a few other things.


Another sunset pictures from my walks around the RV park. It is interesting to observe the change in time and location of the setting sun as the days go by.

I also worked on locking in a few stops on my trip east. I’ve made reservations for all of the multiple night stays except San Antonio TX. The place I want to stay in San Antonio requires a phone call to book. My first attempt at calling resulted in a ringing phone that wasn’t picked up before I gave up. I tend to think if they’re too busy to answer the phone they’re too busy to have the patience to take a reservation without making mistakes. The one time last year that I had trouble with a reservation I attribute the problem to an overworked person on the phone. I’ll try the San Antonio RV park again tomorrow and maybe make some of the reservations for the one night stops. Although for the one night stops it is less important to have reservations this far ahead.

The important reservation was for four nights in the Baton Rouge area. That reservation is for the period that spans Mardi Gras. I don’t expect to attend any of the events. The last parade is before I get to town. I just want to make sure there is a place to stay.

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