A Slow Saturday

Saturday December 30th 2017

The day started with the temperature in the high 40s. As the sun warmed things up it got into the mid sixties before the clouds started to move in. Tomorrow is forecast to be a cloudy day with temperatures a little lower than today.


Las Vegas Wash passing through the Wetlands Park.

I stayed home today. The idea of fighting the crowds at any of the tourist areas was not appealing. I probably should have picked up some groceries, but that idea didn’t get me moving either. The pictures in this blog entry are from Friday’s visit to the Wetlands Park.


Wetlands Park scene with desert in the foreground, wetland in the middle and mountains in the distant background.

The RV park is filling up. The snowbirds that left the north right after Christmas have been arriving the last couple of days. I think there are only a couple of sites left open tonight. Most of the sites are filled with full time RVers or snowbirds. These weekend there are some rigs from Arizona and California in the sites that get used most often for shorter term stays. I suspect these are people that are in town for the New Years Eve excitement.


Overflow canal along the Las Vegas Wash in the Wetlands Park.

I have no desire to join hundreds of thousands of people on the Las Vegas strip or on Fremont street. At least the folks on Fremont street will have entertainment. Most of the people on the strip just mill around, drink and wait for the fireworks at midnight. With all the security concerns even going in and out of the casinos is going to be a problem. It sounds like New York City will have stronger security but in light of the October 1st shootings here in Las Vegas security will be much greater than previous years. I will watch the events on television. I don’t think I can see the eight minutes of fireworks on the strip from here and driving among the potentially impaired doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

I spent the day reading, watching TV and getting a few tasks done.

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