Winter Planning Issues

Wednesday August 30th 2017

It made it up to 101 degrees before a storm front passed through the area. Around 5:30 this afternoon the wind blew hard and clouds moved across the sky. It didn’t rain and I didn’t hear thunder or see lightning. Checking the weather radar on my phone showed a storm a little distance to the west. By 7PM the sun was back.

Tomorrow is forecast to be the coolest day of the week. I plan to take advantage of the few degrees and visit Zion National Park. Today became an odds and ends day. I did a few chores around the RV and completed a couple of tasks.


Canyon wall to the west of the campground. Who says you need to go to National Parks to see interesting cliffs. In a few hundred years this “hole” may be an arch.

One task that I haven’t completed is reservations for the winter months. I’m reconsidering my intent to spend November through mid February in Texas. Some of the areas heavily impacted by Harvey contain things that I want to see. Clearly I have to adjust my travel to allow the hardest hit areas time to recover. San Antonio is still a safe place to visit, but the areas south and east of there are suspect. I’m not sure there’s enough in San Antonio, north and west to support more than a month or so stop.

The simplest solution is to continue as planned to San Antonio, but spend less time there. From San Antonio, I’d need to head straight east through East Texas and Louisiana. I don’t really know what’s in southern Mississippi and Alabama. The other consideration in this scenario is either fully embracing or avoiding Mardi Gras in the middle of February.

A more drastic option is to stay in Arizona through the end of the year or mid January. I’d then need to come back across Texas and Louisiana without a lot of stops. This is basically a reverse of my trip west last winter. If I stayed in Arizona, I’d probably look into Quartzite or Yuma for a longer stay. I’ve been moving every week or two since the beginning of April. A month or two in one location will allow me to catch up on a few things.

The third option is to really start looking out of the box for a travel plan. Should I go west to Southern California? What’s in New Mexico and West Texas? Should I go to the Rio Grande valley in extreme South Texas? About the only option I haven’t put on the table is heading east to Florida this fall. There is so much other country to see in the winter. Florida is a quasi home, but I’d rather keep it as an every other year winter stop.

What all of this comes down to is I have more research to do. Writing this blog entry has helped clarify some of the thoughts and dilemmas I’ve been dealing with while watching the Weather Channel coverage of the flooding. Now I just have to commit to a plan.

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